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1900 The U.S. population was 76,300,000. The Boxer Uprising ended as U.S. Marines helped Great Britain capture Peking. Dwight Davis established the tennis Davis Cup.

josephine baker 1927
Josephine Baker


Josephine Baker famous singer & dancer. Baker was born June 3, 1906, she died on April 12, 1975. She lived at a time of severe oppression of the blacks. At age 13 she ran away and went on a tour to Paris. In France Baker was embraced despite her color and her dancing style made her the talk of Europe.

During World War II she helped the French Resistance. She adopted 12 kids of many different races. When she returned to the U.S. The Stork Club refused to serve her because she was black.

In 1963 Baker spoke to the crowd with Martin Luther King at the Lincoln Memorial at March on Washington.

Tsar Nicholas and Family

Tsar Niochlas and King George V
Amazing twin cousins
 Tsar Nicholas II and his first cousin
  King George V of England

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (1868-1918) wife Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna with their 5 children. Olga (1895-1918) Tatiana ( 1897-1918) Maria (1899-1918) Anastasia (1901-1918) and Aleksei (1904-1918) This photo was taken just moments before the whole family faced their fate. At 2:30 am on July 17, 1918 a firing squad executed Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, their 5 children, their doctor, personal assistants and royal secretaries. Parts of their bodies and some of their jewelry were delivered to the Central Committee of the Communist Party as the proof of death.

Wright Brothers Flight
First Flight on December 17, 1903 was the day humanity spread its wings and soured into the skies. The flight lasted only 12 seconds in the air. However, it was a major breakthrough.

No other ship has captured the world's attention, quite like the Titanic Constructed as unsinkable, this first class ocean liner set sail on April 10, 1912. The Titanic finally sank on April 14th. Recovered from the Titanic
Every passenger on board (wealthy or poor) was forced to fight for their survival. In the end only 705 persons survived the sinking of the ship, out of 2,228 passengers and crew members. 1,523 lives were lost when the Titanic sank beneath the ice cold waters of the Atlantic.

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