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 In recent these famous photos have become collector items demanding thousands dollars by photographers Eisenstaedt & Cartier-Bresson

Afghan Girl 1985
Afghan Girl 1985

Afghan Girl Today
Afghan Woman 2003

Portrait by Steve McCurry turned out to be one of those images that everyone remembers.  It appeared on the cover of National Geographic June 1985. The Afghan Girl sea green eyes were haunting when you learnt of the tragedy that drained her homeland by war.

For 17 years no one knew the Afghan Girl's  name not until McCurry returned to Pakistan to look for the girl with green eyes. Her name is Sharbat Gula. Gula is Pashtun, the most warlike of Afghan tribes. It is said of the Pashtun that they are only at peace when they are at war and her eyes still burn with ferocity now and they did in 1985

    Famous Photos - Joseph Goebbels President John F Kennedy Famous Photos - Sophia Loren Bill Clinton
Alfred Eisenstaedt Famous Portrait Photographs (left to right)
 Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Switzerland, 1933  Senator John Kennedy 1960
Sophia Loren, close up, 1961  Bill Clinton, Martha's Vineyard 1989

   Famous Photo of Winston Churchill Albert Einstein Famous Photos of Ernest Hemingway Frank Lloyd Wright
Alfred Eisenstaedt Famous Portrait Photographs (left to right)
Sir Winston Churchill, England, 1951  - Albert Einstein, 1949
 Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, 1952  - Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

 Alfred Eisenstaedt  Famous "Kiss" Photo. August 14, 1945 in Times Square, New York City

  Kashmir by Henri Cartier-Bresson  Berlin Wall by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Srinagar, Kashmir, 1948                                 The Berlin Wall, 1963

On January 27, 1888, the National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, D.C. for "the increase and diffusion of geographical knowledge." The 33 men who originally formed the National Geographic Society were a diverse group of geographers, explorers, teachers, lawyers, cartographers, military officers and financiers. All shared an interest in scientific and geographical knowledge of discovery and invention.

Americans were becoming more curious about the world around them. With this in mind, the men drafted a constitution and elected as the Society's president a lawyer and philanthropist named Gardiner Greene Hubbard. Neither a scientist nor a geographer, Hubbard represented the Society's desire to reach out to the layman. Nine months after its inception, the Society published its first issue of National Geographic magazine.

National Geographic quickly became known for its stunning and pioneering photography The Society used its revenues from the magazine to sponsor expeditions and research projects that furthered humanity's understanding of natural phenomena. National Geographic has been instrumental in making possible some of the great achievements in exploration and science.

It funded Robert Peary journey to the North Pole, Richard Byrd fly over the South Pole, Jacques Cousteau and Jane Goodall wild chimpanzees. Today, the National Geographic Society is one of the world's largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions.

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